Bermuda Land Snails (Poecilozonites sp.)

The genus Poecilozonites contains at least 4 species of snails, all of which are endemic to Bermuda. Three of them, Poecilozonites bermudensis, Poecilozonites nelsoni and Poecilozonites reinianus are extinct. The only surviving species is Poecilozonites circumfirmatus which is rare in Bermuda.

Poecilozonites snails are commonly seen as fossils in Bermuda

A small population of P. circumfirmatus were sent to the Zoological Society of London (ZSL) where they have been successfully bred. You can read about the project on ZSL's website.

Poecilozonites circumfirmatus considered Critically Endangered and is listed under the 2003 Protected Species Act.

P. circumfirmatus


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