The Bermuda Natural History Museum



Explore Bermuda’s volcanic beginnings, its fate through the Ice Ages, and the diversity of habitats and organisms found today, from forests to the deep ocean. Discover how Bermuda’s early settlers have changed the landscape through the impacts of invasive species and resource use.

The Bermuda Natural History Museum looks to inspire an understanding and appreciation for the evolution of flora and fauna on one of the world’s most isolated islands. Located in the centre of the Bermuda Aquarium, Museum and Zoo campus the ground floor of the museum includes three exciting galleries of interactive and audio-visual displays showcasing:

  • A short animated movie on how the island was formed and discovered
  • Geology and fossils
  • Bermuda’s biodiversity
  • Threatened habitats, plants and animals
  • The impact of human life on a small island environment
  • A new short movie on the diverse life within the Sargasso Sea which surrounds Bermuda.   


The museum display rooms are open to the public 7 days a week.


Download a Parents Guide to the Island Habitats Room


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