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Bermuda Bedstraw (Galium bermudense)


Native to Bermuda, the Bahamas and the South Eastern United States this low growing perennial is much branched and grows from 6 inches to 2 foot (15-60 cm) in height. Its tiny leaves occur in a group of 4 around the stem. The stem has fine hairs along its length. Bedstraw produces white flowers from spring to autumn, which occur at the tip of branches. Flowers are followed by round, 2-part fruit that turn dark purplish black when ripe.


In 1918 Britton recorded that Bermuda Bedstraw was commonly found on hillsides of Bermuda. It has since become extremely rare and is being propagated in Bermuda. (See Flowering Plants Recovery Plan). Bermuda Bedstraw has been listed as a Level 3 Protected Species under the Protected Species Amendment Act 2011. 


Bermuda Bedstraw fruit (photo by Robin Marirea)


Species Recovery Plan for Bermuda Bedstraw